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70 Central Ave., Suite One
Wailuku, Maui HI 96793
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Phones are answered 24 hours.


Office Hours:
Monday through Friday:
10:00am - 4:00pm

Last update: 1:11 pM 2/2/2016

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If you want to drink, that's your business. If you want to stop, that's ours..... Call Alcoholics Anonymous on Maui.
Maui Central Office serves Maui County's AA members and groups by: maintaining a 24-hour phone service, publishing a meeting schedule of all AA meetings, stocking a complete line of AA Conference-approved literature, publishing a monthly newsletter, and acting as a contact between the local AA groups and the general public. The online schedules are updated instantly upon notice of changes. Please forward all corrections/additions to the Maui Central Office or to:

TheMaui Intergroup and Central Office Pamphlet contains more information about Maui Intergroup and Central Office. To view it, click the link above. a Glance    Is A.A. For You?    Is There An Alcoholic In Your Life?
Read the Big Book and Twelve & Twelve    A.A. Grapevine

(C) Closed Meeting: Indicates meetings for alcoholics and/or people who have a desire to stop drinking.
All other meetings, unless indicated otherwise, are open to anyone.
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